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Water Pipeline Scheme

One or two natural Tanks (by blasting stones) have been constructed through our trust in every village. However, these tanks are far away from the residential areas of village, Wadis and hamlets. Therefore, villagers from these villages have submitted applications to Shashwat Trust, Manchar seeking water pipeline connection scheme. Accordingly, Shashwat Trust members conducted actual site visits to Ahupe, Balveerwadi and Nhaved villages. Women from these villages had to fetch water from far distance. Therefore, a significant rise has been observed in women’s health issues. Such strenuous and physically demanding activities have fatal impact on their health. If water pipeline scheme is implemented to fetch water from lakes located at far distance to residential area of villagers; then all of them, especially, women will be immensely benefitted because predominantly it’s the women, who have to fetch the water from far placed lakes. Therefore, this scheme, if implemented, will resolve health related issues of women in true sense. 

For this noble cause, Shashwat Trust has commenced work of laying pipeline, fitting solar panel motor in all the three villages, namely Ahupe, Balveerwadi and Nhaved, and supplying water to their residents.