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Sludge Removal

Sludge removal from water tank and construction of well at Kondhare and Chinchechiwadi

A water tank was constructed through Shashwat Trust in Kondhare village before twenty years for provision of drinking water. Entire village used to utilize this tank for drinking water purpose. Since last one two years, few stones and clay present along the tank’s wall has fallen into the tank. This has resulted into reduction in the water storage capacity of tank. So, the stored water quantity is not adequate to cater water demand of village for an entire year. In the month of April – May, women have to reach out to far places to fetch water.

If sludge from the tank present in this village is removed through Shashwat Trust, Manchar, then the depth of tank will increase and accordingly, its water storage capacity will enhance. Also, if sludge deposited in tank is removed and construction of tank regarding its repair work is accomplished, then it will prevent formation of sludge during next monsoon, resulting into supply of pure water to entire village for drinking purpose. Further, it will prevent inconvenience and physical exertion occurring to women during summer.

₹ 3,00,000

Budget required

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