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Natural Channel Scheme

Since ancient times, bunds were constructed along the nullahs and streams coming from nearby mountains in villages like Kushire Budruk, Bendharwadi and Patan; and the channelized water was utilized for farming. As the water sourced from these channels is driven by natural slope of land, no external energy source is required to propel the water till farms and the water is available to farms till the month of March and April. However, channels located at all of the three locations mentioned above are in damaged and non-operational state. Therefore, they are out of use. Farmers from these villages put forth a proposal regarding repair work of these channels. If these channels are repaired, it will enable farmers residing at these villages to raise 3 crops, leading to increase in their income. Repair work of these channels will bring, on an average, 140 acres of land under irrigation. Further, this scheme will be beneficial to a total of 90 to 100 families residing in these three villages. 

Further, this will generate employment within villages and prevent potential migration of residents for the sake of employment.