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Health Care Facilities for the Tribals


Health conditions in tribal areas have been described as deficient in sanitary conditions, personal hygiene, and health education. Shashwat has taken an initiative to provide health care facilities for the tribals in number of villages covered under the projects.


  • Shashwat has given a small health kit for the village, comprising of some medicines for common ailments, like tablets and medicines for fever, headache, cold & cough, stomach ache, indigestion, scabies, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting etc. This medicine is available with either social worker or Aanganwadi Tai
  • During the Monsoon season, there was an outbreak of sickness in some villages due to bad water. Shashwat had provided water treatment medicine ‘Medichlor’ for all houses in the village. 
  • Shashwat has provided nutritional food to the students studying in the schools run by the society.
  • The medical facilities to the sick children, men and women were provided by Shashwat by making the arrangement of the doctors. The critical cases were brought to hospitals in Chakan and Pune for treatment.
  • The regular health check-up camp with team of doctors for various ailments has been organized for the tribal people.
  • Shashwat has taken special care by distributing the eye ointment to all the students in the tribal to avoid the eye infection among the students.
  • Shashwat also organizes the monthly meeting of trained nurses between every 1st and 5th day of the month to discuss about the various health aspects like nutrition, hygiene and the causes of the various common ailments.
  • Shashwat is actively involved in organizing medical checkup camp held by the Health Dept at the Primary Health Centre at taleghar on the Bhimashankar side of our project area. Arrangements have been made for follow up treatment by specialists at the same Sassoon General Hospital, Pune.
  • Shashwat being a part of committee in collaboration with Govt. of Maharashtra has taken responsibility of monitoring the health status of 10 malnutrition children in the Ambegaon block of Pune district.
  • Shashwat has got special grant from Ms. Aud Lange and Barnas Venner from Norway to construct community toilets. Rs. 2500 grant was given to construct the toilets. Ms. Aud Lange also sponsored the children for the education.
  • Ms. Aud Lange and Barnas Venner also extended a grant for the construction of wells for potable drinking water in tribal villages. 
  • Shashwat has provided the training to women representatives for checking hemoglobin levels of the village women. Has also made arrangement for medicines to reduce this deficiency. It requires a proper 3 to 6-month course of medicine to bring the hemoglobin levels to required level.
  • Shashwat is also helping the young children of below 6 years age in their mental development & in improving their health. The program is run in small tribal hamlets where the Govt. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) child care program does not reach. Due to provision of nutritious food to children of age 3-6 years, their brain development is cared for properly, and they inculcate good hygienic practices of daily life. The nutrition provided is milk, sprouted pulses, egg, bananas etc.
  • ASHA’ workers of Shashwat co-ordinate regarding programs for vaccination, care of pregnant mothers, malnutrition, measures to tackle poor quality of drinking water,

Shashwat is actively involved in providing the healthcare facilities to the villages under the project and also extending their work to the new villages. The focus of the program shall be much more on trying to make the fullest possible use of the Govt. health facility provided in these villages.  Shashwat is making efforts to establish linkages between the Govt. health staff in this area, viz. the doctors/ nurses/ paramedic staff with our village representatives. The village representatives, volunteers & staff are now participating in the monthly meetings of all the Govt. health programs. Shashwat is supporting the health programs being taken up by the Govt. for the maximum benefit of the local tribal people. The health reports on yearly basis are prepared to understand health status of tribal people including children and women.