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Devrai Conservation (Sacred Grooves)

The forest reserved for God and deities in tribal area is known as ‘Devrai’. Our trust has undertaken ‘Devrai’ initiative for cultivation and conservation of trees in these devrais. Nowadays, it is observed that these Devrais are becoming less dense. Currently, Shashwat Trust has undertaken the task of plantation of maximum number of trees, their cultivation and conservation. Apart from that, other tasks like placing fencing around Devrais, constructing platform around trees and placing boards displaying awareness messages regarding protection of Devrais, etc. are also in progress. Tribal farmers keep arranging fairs and carnivals in the Devrai area promoting the awareness about environment restoration, conservation and protection.

We have developed one Nursery at Shinoli village, where in we have 1 lakh saplings of all indigenous plants. We would be doing tree plantation activity in the region in the month of May/June, 2019. 

Our target is to plant 80000 trees before coming monsoon.