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Balwadis (Kindergarten)

Currently 7 Balwadis are being run by Shashwat Trust and we are planning to increase the number to 10. They are being run by Barnas Venner, an institution based out of Norway. However, the existing financial aid being received for this purpose will not be adequate to run Balwadis in near future. Therefore, financial aid is required to run Balwadis in future.

For this cause, efforts are being taken to avail financial aid from the donors. Further a proposal has been received by trust to start a new Balwadi at Benjarwadi.

In all, if financial aid is received for four Balwadis, then it will be convenient to run Balwadis and add 10 more Balwadis.

₹ 10,00,000

Budget required

₹ 0

Funds raised